Hello and thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Lazuli and I am a light worker. I am also a Visual, Graphic, Photography and Jewellery Artist and feel I have been guided by spirit to create beautiful and wearable Orgonite pieces. It has been one of my visions to be able to design and produce the orgonite pieces I have envisioned.

I am pleased to announce they are now available for purchase to the public, so  now everybody can protect themselves against noxious low energy forms.

Many years ago when mobile phones and laptops were becoming extremely popular I felt a huge concern over the health effects from these new technological gadgets. I found myself searching the internet for some kind of crystal or protective device to protect myself and my family.

I came across orgonite and was so intrigued that I wanted to learn more. I purchased a few pieces off the internet and placed them in various areas of the house. I felt a lot calmer knowing I had something to absorb bad unseen energies. The concept of orgonite made sense to me and the next time I saw my naturopath I tested my pieces on her Vega electroacupuncture machine.

2) http://www.getwellhere.com/pdf/vega-testing.pdf

1 (Vega Machine Testimonials) - http://www.vegatest.info/testimonials


I was impressed with the results and was comfortable that the orgonite pieces were doing what they were meant to. The Vega machine picked up the electromagnetic energies and were measured by showing the current inside the pendant.

A few years later I had heard many people speak about ‘Orgonite’ so after more research and understanding the ‘concept’, I did some research on how to make it myself.

My designs were inspired through my spiritual knowledge so I wanted to make pieces that not only had a purpose, but looked lovely too. My my inner creativity screamed out at me as I felt a burning desire to create my own original designs.

The pieces are one of a kind and each piece is programmed to protect the auric field around the body and continuously collect bad energy (DOR) and transmute it into good energy (POR). The most common cause of this noxious energy is found in the form of

  • WIFI
  • computers
  • power lines
  • gridlines
  • low energies
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • geopathic stress
  • radio frequencies
  • psychic and paranormal activities

Studies have revealed when burying or dropping Orgonite near sources mentioned above and including oceans, lakes and rivers, the direct environment changes and an a sense of happiness and calmness is felt as the orgonite goes to work. People will generally feel better and be more easy going the air will not feel as foggy and water pollution will also decrease.

It has also been documented the when orgonite is buried near plants, there are less pests and faster, more robust growth of vegetables.

My pendants and talismans are made with the highest love and intent.

I invite you to look at my pieces in the ‘shop’ page.

Light and Love to all